Tuesday 15 March 2016

First look at the STK2M3W64CC

The latest mini PC 'stick' computer, Intel's Compute Stick Core-m3 STK2M3W64CC, should remove any doubts about the form-factor and its usability. The first commercially available mini PC 'stick' with 4GB ram, 64GB storage, dual-band wifi, bluetooth and USB3.0 has performance that completely exceeds any device so far.

Just take a look at the initial results on Windows:

And on Ubuntu:

which has working wifi and sound:

But there's more. You can run Ubuntu from micro SD card:

Or from an ISO (see http://goo.gl/2PeFC4):

Or use Chromium OS from USB:

including crouton:

A full review can be found here: http://www.linuxium.com.au/reviews/stk2m3w64cc


Hube said...

Can you try Openelec? thanks.

Raymond Day said...

Wow you have it. Super good easy to install Ubuntu. Does this on install Ubuntu server too as easy?

Thank you for showing this.

Be neat to see how the 2 USB 3.0's on the power supply with the USB 3.1 speed is. I guess you will test this.

Linuxium said...

I cover OpenElec in my full review http://www.linuxium.com.au/reviews/stk2m3w64cc

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