Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A pseudo Intel Chromium Stick

In exploring what can be done with the latest Intel Compute Stick (the 'Cedar City' version with a Core M processor) I decided to install my latest build of Google's Chromium OS software directly to eMMC (the device's internal storage) in order to given an indication of actual performance and to show an example of using an alternative OS to Windows 10. As I've removed Windows 10 as part of this installation I've effectively created a pseudo Intel Chromium Stick.

The video starts after powering on the Intel Compute Stick and shows entering the boot menu. It then goes on to show Chromium OS boot and the login process with the auto-connection of wifi. Next are two usage examples. The first shows running Ubuntu using crouton and then how the Chromium browser performs running Octane 2. In the second example I briefly run an sample YouTube video. I've also included a couple of commands showing technical details about the system including OS version and disk utilization. There are two points in the video that demonstrate working audio. You can hear the shutter when the screenshot is taken and a couple of chimes from the software being demonstrated in the YouTube video. Okay it is more of a token gesture to audio than high fidelity but hopefully preferable to some annoying muzak.

The impressive Octane score of 22010 demonstrates how much more powerful the latest Intel Compute Stick is compared to earlier models and alternative mini PC sticks. Here is the actual screenshot as captured in the video:

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