Friday, 27 October 2017

Respinning ISOs with 'rEFInd'

Respining ISOs with 'rEFInd' version 0.11.1 (the current default) results in the error message 'invalid loader file!' when attempting to boot.

Version 0.11.0 works correctly and because my '' script first looks in the current directory for the 'rEFInd' boot manager files before downloading them from the internet if not found it means a specific version can first be downloaded and used automatically when the script is run.

I recommend downloading the file '' from '' in the directory where you are running '':
wget -O
and unzip it:
Then remove the downloaded file afterwards:
so that it does not create a conflict when running the script. Check that you just have a directory called 'refind-bin-0.11.0' containing the 'rEFInd' boot manager files. Then run the '' script:
with the required options to respin your ISO as required.

Note that subsequent versions of 'rEFInd' may fix the issue and unfortunately there is always the possibility that the error may also reappear in subsequent versions. It is recommended to always try the latest version and then use the most recent working version as a temporary workaround until a new version becomes available that fixes the issue.

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