Sunday, 1 January 2017

Faster ISO Boots in 2017

UpdateThis work is superseded by my '' script which can respin an official ISO suitable for use on Intel Atom devices.

One problem I've had with my ISOs is that they were always slow to start. Whilst only being an inconvenience rather than a functional issue I was able to spent time today in finding an improvement.

As a result I've respun my Ubuntu 17.04 Alpha 281216 (Daily Build) ISO so that 2017 gets off with a much quicker start.

To try the 'faster' ISO download it from the link below (in red) and write it to a USB using either 'Rufus' in Windows or 'dd' in Linux.

Ubuntu 17.04 Alpha 281216 (Daily Build) ISO (superseded)
Ubuntu comes with everything. All the essential applications, like an office suite, browsers, email and media apps come pre-installed and thousands more games and applications are available in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

I'll incorporate the improvement in my other ISOs as and when they are respun with functional updates.


  1. Much faster boots, The wifi/bluetooth on is working on the 8723bs. I don't have to use nasty graphix hacks to bypass the black screen. Great work. SD card is still nogo, Ill have to look into it.
    I got the battery status working on the ap288's with the script from here too.
    Happy new year

    1. Thanks. I'll have to experiment with battery status next.

    2. Heres the systemd file I am using that allows ubuntu to read the battery status automatically in all version of ubuntu

  2. Works fine with Wintel W8 (bay trail tv box).
    Only issue is with HDMI audio - it is not listed in sound settings. Headphones jack works, though there are loud pops before any sound begins (maybe the sound card turns itself off after every sound?)

    Card-1 IntelHdmiLpeAudio driver: IntelHdmiLpeAudiIntelHdmiLpeAudio Sound: ALSA v: k4.9.0-11-linuxium
    Card-2 bytcr-rt5640 driver: bytcr-rt5640

    1. Does sound not work (through HDMI) when you select 'IntelHdmiLpeAudio' in the sound settings (it may show up just as an icon i.e. the option above the bytcr-rt5640 headphones)?

    2. nope, doesn't work. Alsamixer shows this device but doesn't show any controls for it.

      There is this message in dmesg:
      [drm] HDaudio controller not detected,using LPE audio instead

      Could it be the problem?

    3. No that is correct as my 4.9 kernel uses the new LPE audio driver now. Can you post (using pastebinit) the full dmesg and aplay -Ll?

    4. Aplay:
      Dmesg (kern.log)

    5. Well, my girlfriend actually found out that the HDMI sound works. Weird I'd have sworn that I tried every possibility (alt least twice!).
      So sorry for taking your precious time! And a big thank you!

  3. Hi,
    I tried your shell with on Ubuntu 16.04 17.10 lubuntu on a BT3 PRO. unfortunately no sound on Hdmi ou jack.
    Do you have an idea to debug ?

    1. It is not a device I own and as it may need a kernel patch to get audio working it won't be possible for me to support it.