Thursday, 22 December 2016

Updated Zesty Kernel 4.9.0-11.12 Upgrade Script

UpdateThis work is superseded by my '' script which can respin an official ISO suitable for use on Intel Atom devices.

I've updated my 4.9.0-11.12 kernel to include a small patch that hopefully will improve RTL8723BS wifi. 

To upgrade your kernel first download the shell script for the kernel version you require and after making it executable (enter 'chmod 755 <script>') you can install it as 'root' (by entering 'sudo <script>'). Once the script has finished executing the device will need to be rebooted to use the updated (patched) kernel.

4.9.0-11.12 (superseded)

To get audio running on a Mini PC with a headphone jack using the RT5640 codec (for example Tronsmart Ara) after using a kernel upgrade script simply:
  1. Open the URL in a browser
  2. Click the green coloured 'Clone or Download' button on the right and download as a 'zip' file
  3. In a terminal window go to the download directory and enter 'unzip'
  4. Install by entering 'sudo cp -rf UCM-master/bytcr-rt5640 /usr/share/alsa/ucm'
Then reboot, plug in your headphones and select sound using 'Sound Settings' and choose 'Headphones playback'. 


  1. I had wifi with the previous version of this script, but not with this upgraded one. Ian, do you have the previous one?

    1. I tried also the 2017 17.04 Alpha Lubuntu and it is OK. My device is a PCG02U with an Ubuntu Mate 16.04 minimal installation.

    2. The 2017 17.04 Alpha Lubuntu ISO uses the same kernel as this upgrade script so wifi should work the same.

    3. Probably, I don't installed something in my minimal installation :(.

    4. As I said, my installation is a minimal one. The missing part was the rtl8723bs_nic firmware. I installed it as was suggested here. Now I have WiFi, the HDMI sound also works.

      P.S. Ian, thank you very much for your work!

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  3. Thank you, Ian! Now, on my Lenovo Miix 300-10IBY, audio works flawlessy!