Thursday, 22 December 2016

A new look for 2017

When I started my blog my intention was for it to be the 'dynamic' update content partner to my 'static' core content pages on my website. Then some posts started to be linked from external sites so to simplify click-throughs I decided to 'maintain' them. That in itself became cumbersome when highlighting what had changed for return viewers. Now there is a problem with new comments not displaying on one of the blog postings so I've decided to reorganize and return to a multi-media format approach for sharing my work.

My website ( will contain the latest and complete documentation of my development work. All download links will be current and provide the most recent versions.

My blog ( will highlight new development work which has been updated to my website. Additionally each blog posting has a comment facility where discussions can occur.

My social media G+ (, Facebook ( and Twitter ( accounts will be updated each time I post on my blog and serve both as notification media and for those wishing to subscribe for updates.

Comments including praise, criticism and suggestions are welcome on all media. Requests can be emailed and technical issues should be reported as comments on the relevant blog posting. The best way to help when reporting a technical issue is to include the name of your device and a copy of the output from 'dmesg' (which is basically a log of kernel messages). The easiest way to share the log is by using the 'pastebinit' command (see After installing the command by entering 'sudo apt install pastebinit' you can share the kernel messages log by entering 'dmesg | pastebinit'. This will paste a copy of the output from 'dmesg' to Ubuntu's Pastebin and provide an URL to access it. So when reporting a technical issue please include:
- Outline of issue
- Name of device
- URL from pastebin (e.g.

Finally I am totally dependent on donations to continue my work so a donation link ( rather than adverts is included on all sites. Please use this to donate.

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  1. I have an Intel Atom Z3735G(iball Slide i701 tablet). I want to load ubuntu in usb.

    I actually installed the 17.04 alpha linuxium build in my 64GB usb in a my samsung laptop and when I plugged into iball i701 it went till ubuntu splash(after fsck /dev/sdaX from initramfs) but probably have wrong UUIDs

    I was not able to load the installation usb in iball neither the boot repair cd.
    Even recovery mode I could access and pressed grub bootloader update button

    Even I went till root@sbhar# prompt.

    How to proceed further?