Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Docking Station for Mini PC Sticks

Dosupara have released an interesting docking station for their brand of mini PC sticks.

The mini PC stick simply plugs into the docking station and is then connected by the two integrated USB cables.

The standard power supply's USB is then connected to the docking station together with an HDMI cable for output. The dock then provides in addition:

  • a wired LAN port (100BASE-TX)
  • three (3) full-size USB ports

The station itself is relatively compact at 57mm (width) × 60mm (depth) × 128mm (height), weighs 157g and is priced at 3980 Yen (around USD 38).

Whilst it may not work with every mini PC stick (given the length and positioning of the USB connectors) it should work with at least some non-Dosupara Diginnos sticks. It is somewhat surprising that other manufacturers haven't released a similar product. (Update: Apparently Measy have - see below).

Links (in Japanese):

Alternatively if a full-sized SD/MMC slot is more important than an Ethernet port then Measy's U2C-D Mini PC Holder may be more suitable:

With a slightly larger footprint of 125mm (length) × 90mm (width) × 60mm (height) and weighing 230g, it is a lot cheaper at around USD 15.99.


Review: (in Spanish)

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